Nitai Hershkovits – I Asked You A Question

 I Asked You A Question by Nitai Hershkovits
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Time Grove Selections is a series of meetings between leading jazz musicians and Rejoicer. In each session Rejoicer will host a different musician, focusing on his\her instrument and his\her musical influences. The meeting of freestyle jazz with electronic sound and groove is the basis for a new, unique creation. Each session will lead to the production a solo album for the artist.

“Keyboards were always part of my musical entity. I’m lucky to have Rejoicer as a producer. Besides being there for me and open minded to any concept, he has the ability to stretch ideas without taking away from the artistic and musical direction.
That kind of a workflow was different from other recording sessions I had. On this album we made beats, combining acoustic and electronic elements; editing, sampling and the result is an empirical but genuine attempt to get the right balance between the two.
Hope you enjoy this milestone as much as we enjoyed creating it.”  Nitai Hershkovits


“I feel like i dreamt about this music when i was a child. Some of the colors and energies Nitai and I created here are familiar to me in a weird nostalgic way.
There are so many different inputs on our musicality that we kept asking each other – “what is your inspiration?” without getting any answer.
I learned a lot from Nitai and his wide, unique and far-out approach to music – thank you !” Rejoicer (The Dove)





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