Babyfather – BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow


London’s Babyfather are back with the debut full length follow up to the street classic “Meditation”.  Stream BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow.

“Without a doubt, I guarantee that it will be in rotation at every club, at every party and coming out the speakers of every car …this makes me proud to be British ” Idris Elba.

If you’re looking for something completely unique, look no further and grab your copy below:


A1. Stealth Intro A2. Greezebloc A3. Meditation ft Arca A4. Escrow A5. Shook A6. Motivation A7. PROLIFIC DEAMONS

B1. Platinum Cookies B2. Esco Freestyle B3. Stealth B4. God Hour ft Micachu B5. N.A.Z

C1. Juice C2. HELLS ANGLES C3. Killuminatti C4. Escrow 2

D1. Deep ft Arca D2. Escrow 3 D3. The Realness D4. Flames D5. Snm ft Arca D6. Stealth Outro D7. Message






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