Rosas Nievas – Going Away Soon

Nearly a year after his acclaimed debut EP, ‘Every Inch of You’, a musical project meant as an ode to the memory of a once great man, his Grandfather, the enigmatic, Rosas Nievas, steps up to the plate with a sophomore outing for Scissor and Thread, “Going Away Soon” On the A-­side, the bombastic opener, wastes no time getting its feet moving with charged up percussion, guitar licks, and playful sampling with a clear ode to the likes of Matthew Herbert. “Nearly Lost You, Though” sees Rosas Nievas pair up with the singer Poppy Roberts on an emotional house jam primed for a peak time lovers rave . A rock steady kick and shuffling percussion are the anchor, as smooth pads and ethereal, hypnotic vocal snips swirl around the listener before the singer’s voice emerges forward with a heartfelt, soulful ode. The b-­side takes things down several notches with the funky and loose, “Roses are Dead, Violets are Blue,” a hypnotic rhythm cycle flanked by a powerful bass line a reverb­laden piano and a sax ensemble emerging as we are lead with eyes closed on a euphoric early morning dance ritual. The closer, “Edge of Keys”, continues the shuffling rhythmic patterning of the latter track, but couples with a loose form Rhodes piano, finishing off the EP on a gentle tone, as if coming to terms with loss, bittersweet and full of joy.



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