Gilles Peterson Puts His Own Spin on Classic Brazilian Music

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Gilles Peterson & Tam Tam Tam
Dave O’Donnell
“I want to create an entire ‘evening of Sonziera and Jose Prates’ in the next couple of years incorporating dance, drama, music, electronic music and acoustic music.”—Gilles Peterson

In 1958, Jose Prates released what’s now considered an iconic underground album, Tam…Tam…Tam…!, which laid the blueprint for 1960s Brazilian music. Full of deep rhythms and textured melodies, it eventually caught the attention of record collector Gilles Peterson, who once pleaded publicly for it to be reissued. For his latest release with Sonziera—a collaborative effort that includes LV’s Will Horrocks, Rob Gallagher of 2 Banks of 4 fame, London-based drummer Moses Boyd, and Rio’s Orquestra Imperial member Kassin—Peterson reconfigures Prates’ underground classic on Tam Tam TamReimagined, blending the original bossa nova with European classical style. Remixing classic Latin rhythms for the 21st century is fairly common in modern underground dance circles. But Peterson and crew deftly…

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