Peruvian Psychedelic Rock – Vol 2 by Various Artists

Peruvian Psychedelic Rock - Vol 2 by Various ArtistsThis is a mix of weird songs, psychedelic rock and some other crazy stuff… Most of them are original tunes, but some others are great covers, like:

Los Juniors version of Jimi Hendrix’s – Third stone from the sun, or
Traffic Sound version of Iron Butterfly’s – Destruction (you can’t win)

Some instrumental -or kinda instrumental- songs from Los Juniors, Los Mutables and the instrumental version of We all together tune “It’s a sin to go away”; this song was composed since the time their musicians plays in Laghonia.

On this compilation you will find the instrumental version of “Its a sin to go way” (only bass, hammond and drums). Before the song starts, you could listen a three guitar parts that conformed the reverse guitar sounds from the final mix, the one that belongs to their debut album.

The late 60’s band: Los Teddys and Los York’s have in particular: that in fact is not a Los York’s tune, its the music recorded by Los Teddys, and sung by the latin singer Melcochita -who screams like a crazy guy- and credited as Los York’s tune, even its not. This song came in the album: Los York’s ’69.

Jean Paul “el Troglodita” have as a backup band for this recording,the musicians from Laghoni. This song “Vudu”, same nme as the album, was recorded in 1973, when Laghonia was already splitted.

Smog was a band formed by Felix Varvarande and Ernesto Samame from We all Together.. theyonly recorded one single.. under the influence of peyote and mezcalina, together with other green stuff.

So, what do you get here on this 12 song compilation: It’s psychedelic music about space age, drugs, been crazy, lunatics and similar stuff… crazy music for crazy people.. something that you will love !




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