Label Profile: Fresh Selects’ Rousing, Soulful Beats

One of the Freshest labels out there right now.

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Fresh Selects Covers

Fresh Selects, the brainchild of Kenny Fresh, is a forward-thinking record label that’s home to a universe of genres. What started as a taste-making blog in 2008 became a record label in 2013, and continues to cement its status as a home for progressive soul and electronic music with each new release. Though they’re based in Portland, Oregon, the label’s catalog includes a bounty of artists from Southern California, the Midwest, and across the Atlantic in the UK.

“Starting a record label is something I wanted to do my entire life,” Fresh says, “but it seemed like something only rich people could do.” He funded his first run of cassettes with a credit card, even though he was broke at the time. When that batch sold out in just a month, Fresh took it as an affirmation of his tastes. “Just the fact that I could do it was so…

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