An Essential Guide to Mo Kolours

Mo better music.

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Mo Kolours
Mo Kolours. Photo by Dexter Lander

Mo Kolours’ music is potent because it’s colorful: He loves piling lush, vibrant sounds on top of each other, often to great effect. The end results are as glistening and finely textured as a wet palm leaf after a summer storm. Given his roots—he’s half-Mauritian, half-British—you could say the tropical warmth running through his music is innate. You’d be right.

Listening to Kolours’ lengthy discography of EPs and albums is like surrendering to an aural fever dream. It’s bizarre and a little jarring (especially on his later material, such as 2015’s super-hazy Texture Like Sun), but in a beautiful way. At times, he can drift into full-on tribal psychedelia, leaving behind notions of structure and embracing an out-there approach. At his best, Kolours flips the script on what we consider experimental music, toeing the line towards oddball, but swerving toward pop when least…

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