Album of the Day: Hieroglyphic Being, “The Disco’s of Imhotep”

Another stunning effort from Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.


Bandcamp Daily

We’re just now turning the stone on Chicago’s Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being. He’s starting to get the critical acclaim he deserves, despite a prolific career that spans 20 years. The Mathematics Recordings founder and electronic producer released two painstakingly-crafted LPs in 2015: the stunning The Acid Documents on London’s Soul Jazz Records, and the chilling large-ensemble spiritual expression of We Are Not the First, which featured Liturgy’s Greg Fox and members of Sun Ra’s Arkestra. A groundswell of verbose press clippings followed, a WIRE cover, a Resident Advisor film feature, and so on.

On The Disco’s of Imhotep, Moss’s fever-streak resumes with a brief 9-track consolidation of what feels like a bookend to The Acid Documents. What it lacks in length it gains in directness; while The Acid Documents was prone to leftfield passages of experimentalism, Disco’s feels poised and charged for attack. Punishingly raw…

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