Hidden Gem #35: Tristan de Liège – In Transition – EP

Tristan de LiègeThis EP represents a few things for me. First, it represents a transition in my sound where èèI’m using more live drums rather than only programmed loops or sampled beats. I still love sampling and do it a lot but I’ve become very interested in experimenting with recording drums and layering them/processing them in different ways and using different mic placements to capture the performance. Secondly, this was a challenge for myself to rely on actual performances in the songs instead of just loops, and to use absolutely no outside samples whatsoever. The track ‘Painted Sky’ is the sole exception to this (although the samples in that track are minimal), as this was a track leftover from the Tamalpais sessions that I wanted to include. Every sound you hear in all the other tracks was simply recorded and tracked. This forced me to think way more about compelling songwriting as opposed to relying a bit more heavily on sound design or textures, which is what I do in a lot of my other work. Finally, it represents my transition to a lifestyle in Los Angeles proper, whereas before I was living in the suburbs closer to the desert. It’s made a huge difference in my lifestyle and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to interact with so many talented and friendly musicians in the city.  Tristan de Liége



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