Amir Bresler – Afro Golden Line

Amir BreslerMeinl Cymbals asked Amir to record 4 tracks for their drummers videos series and he gladly took the invitation, asking Yuvi (Rejoicer) to help him produce it. Many of Amir‘s best friends came to compose and play for this sessions and brought their beautiful energies. 

Few months later he flew over to Germany to record drums and film the new tracks at Meinl’s factory. After mixing and mastering them back in Tel Aviv, Amir decided he’d love to make this an official release.

Afro Golden Line
Inspired by 70’s african high-life music (specially from Ghana and Nigeria) this is an odd-meter afro-beat track. Featuring Sefi Zisling’s distinct trumpet melody and Uzi Ramirez’s playful guitar

Taken from LBT’s old mixtapes (originally with vocals by KerenDun). It was re-recorded at Amir’s studio while Beno & Nomok composed the third part of the track.



Afro Golden Line

Composed by Sefi Zisling, Uzi Ramirez, Rejoicer, Amir Bresler
Guitar: Uzi Ramirez
Trumpet: Sefi Zisling
Keys: Rejoicer
Bass: Amir Bresler


Composed by LBT
Bass: Beno Hendler
Keys: Noam Havkin
Guitar: Yonatan Albalak

Drums recorded by Sven Peks at Meinl factory Gutenstetten

Cymbals by Meinl


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