Hidden Gem #46: Technoir – NeMui


Technoir is a psychedelic soul/nu jazz duo based in Milan active since 2014.

The core members are :
Alexandros (aka Sound Activist) : guitars, beats, synths, vocals
Jennifer (aka Jennyfire) : vocals, fx, pads

Alexandros has Greek origins and was raised between Italy and the island of Kerkyra, while Jennifer was born in Italy by Nigerian and Ghanaian parents.

The duo’s sound mixes jazz, electronica, soul and improvisation with a restless sonic research.


NeMui is an acronym for New Ecosystem Musically Improved. The whole album was produced by Alexandros (Sound Activist) in his bedroom studio.

Currently the duo is experimenting with their live set touring with two different lineups, the first is more eletronic oriented and features Alexandros and Jennifer only, the second is a more jazzy/open full band with added instruments like drums, saxophone and piano


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