Serious heavyweight business from Chongo

ChongoCollective Resonance are very excited to be sharing this new release from South London based Jazz musician/producer Chongo AKA William Doran. “Babylonia” is a new single and the title for the A-Side of this release. It is accompanied by another track (B-Side) titled “Prerequisite Occult Induction”. We have some very limited edition (only 15) lathe-cut vinyl records available.

This latest release follows a slew of others that Chongo has released independently since April last year. He had a track titled “Super Rio” featured on the Bandcamp Weekly show back in August last year. We have been fans ever since. We asked Chongo to do a brief write up on Babylonia himself and this is what he had to say about it…

“Babylonia, the etymological roots of the name for this civilisation derive from the word “babili”, which translates to ‘Gate of God’. This is old Persian (Babirush). Babylonian mathematics are the very fundamentals of modern numerical systems. The Babylonian numerical system eventually became the standardised counting system for The West. My goal is to project the anomalies of modern perception of ancient civilisations. I believe that they indeed had knowledge that can only be accessed through terminals of higher ascension.

Prerequisite Occult Induction is the portrayal of a dream, using sound frequencies to reveal a story that was shown to me in a dream about an atrocity being committed. A story about the journey of a seraphic being encountering the trials and tribulations a man would encounter. It’s also projecting a counter frequency to those who are heavily induced into dark learnings of the occult.”



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