Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Vula

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Berlin’s Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra returns with its fourth album “Vula”. Having celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a stunning series of concerts last year, the 18-piece’s new full-length showcases a stronger focus on harmony and melody – and yet AMEO sound no less explosive or unpredictable than before.

About Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra:

A self-organized, independent group of likeminded individuals, AMEO is unlike any other orchestra: It’s a steadily working ensemble with a steady focus on experimentation. Comprised of 18 young, in-demand musicians hailing from various countries and musical backgrounds, its members have previously worked in constellations that couldn’t be more diverse – including Ensemble Intercontemporain, Tony Allen’s Afrobeat, Jazz-Legend Kenny Wheeler, Camerata Bern, The Notwist and post-conceptual artist Cory Arcangel. Daniel Glatzel, the orchestra’s leader and saxophonist, has been the main composer over the last decade since it’s inception in 2006, overseeing the groups three previous releases “Live on Planet Earth” (2014), “Bum Bum” (2012) and “Take Off” (2009).


Besides playing concerts in internationally renown venues around the world, AMEO also hosts and curates its own genre-defying events such as their music festival “Kosmostage”, concert series and special projects with artists like Hermeto Pascoal from Brazil, tribal musicians from Malawi or the Latvian chamber orchestra “Sinfonietta Riga”.


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