Koharu Kisaragi & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Neo-Plant

Koharu Kisaragi & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo-Plant

Lag Records are delighted to announce our first official release, a reissue of the 1986 single Neo-plant by Koharu Kisaragi and Ryuichi Sakamoto, licensed by King Records Ltd co,. Japan. The first and only single taken from Koharu Kisaragi’s 都会の生活 Tokai No Seikatsu LP, was cowritten and produced by the Academy Award winning musician, composer and producer Ryuichi Sakamoto, best known for his contribution in the pioneering electronic group Yellow Magic Orchestra and has musical scores for Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The Last Emperor and The Revenant. 

Singer, songwriter, dramatist and theater director Koharu Kisaragi sadly passed away 14 years after her very short musical career, single Neo-plant and her LP 都会の生活 Tokai No Seikatsu her musical legacy. Ryuichi Sakamoto after featuring on over two hundred different releases over four decades is still creating music in varying capacities. His most recent 16th solo effort async has been met with fantastic reviews.


A-side Neo-Plant is a sample heavy, avant-garde, synth pop piece driven by early hip hop and dancehall rhythms. The B-side is a completely different affair, Traumerei a minimalist piece takes more from Japanese folk with Koharu’s voice swooning over bassoon melodies, finally Tail is a new age gone in a flash instrumental.

Neo-plant has been cut using the original master tapes by King Records engineers in Japan. The record comes with all its original artwork including the obi and insert with English and Japanese lyrics on standard black 12” vinyl.






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