Hidde Gem #57: Woven Entity’s 2014 self-titled debut

Wove EntityEssentially a freewheeling expanded rhythm section, Woven Entity cook up a rich, strange brew of psychedelic jazz, electronic explorations, ethnologicalforgeries and unstoppable ritual grooves.

The band began life in 2010 after percussionist, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Lascelle Gordon had crossed paths with fellow percussionist Patrick Dawes and with drummer Paul May at various gigs and suggested the three try playing together.

Soon the trio were organically evolving a brand of freely improvised music that wasn’t afraid to groove, float or tinkle. With appearances from a regular pool of guests such as Led Bib’s Chris Williams, Snorkel keyboardist Ben Cowen, bassist Peter Marsh, trumpeter Andy Knight and saxophonist Alan Wilkinson, the trio began playing the usual left field East London hotspots on a semi-regular basis.

Audiences were enthusiastic, warming to the band’s unpredictable fry-ups of spiritual jazz, free improv, dubby post punk and eccentric ethnological forgeries. Adding Marsh to the core unit in 2012, Dawes, Gordon and May continued gigging, making several memorable appearances improvising live soundtracks to silent films as well as working on what was to become their debut album.

Woven Entity’s music is immersive, rhythmically infectious and eclectic to the point of uncategorisablity. All gates are open.


Released December 15th, 2014 – Buy here // Source:  https://babel-label.bandcamp.com/album/woven-entity



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