Hidden Gem #60: Dear Earth: Gone Solid Gone EP

Gone Solid Gone EP

A collaboration between friends, this EP has been quietly gestating in living rooms, studios and basement performance spaces for the better part of two years. 

Initially intended as a single sided, limited 10″ pressing of Dickhead, it’s grown, mutated and set down firm roots to form this 7 track statement of intent from Dear Earth

Upon meeting up to discuss the possibility of pressing just one track, Dear Earth revealed he had several hard drives worth of solid gold. It took six months just to whittle it down to the tracks on this EP. He’s simply got so much to give. 

Having previously released his debut (a full album, no less) on Marcel Vogel’s Intimate Friends label, Gone Solid Gone marks a return to home turf, working with friends and family in Peckham, south London.

A gifted performer with an eye for the extreme and bizarre, a softly spoken poet, an artist and an accomplished beat smith, this is just the start of his journey, the first step on a cartwheeling voyage through his unique universe.

Released September 22nd, 2017  – Buy from Bandcamp // Source: https://dear-earth.bandcamp.com/album/gone-solid-gone-ep

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