Hidden Gem #71: La Lá – “Zamba puta”

New album from La Lá.This album by La Lá passed me by when it was released back in May. When I came across it late last week, I know it had to be shared with you all. Gentle instrumentation together with La Lá’s rich, dreamy vocals makes this one easy on the ear.

The lyrics, however, juxtapose the feel-good nature of the music and the album title ” Zamba Puta” gives a clue that this is not a whimsical project. The words “Zamba” and “Puta” are both used to insult women in Peruvian society.

Speaking about the provocative album title she says:

Zamba Puta is in quotation marks because it is a quote of the people who want to insult a women because of her race and body. And I really wanted to put it because being “zamba” is not an insult and prostitution is a job, it’s wrong to use it in a negative way. What are they really saying when they call you a “puta”? They are saying that you can’t be sexually autonomous because society teaches us that this is wrong.”

It’s an album that combines many Latin American musical styles and does so with considerable aplomb. Take a listen to tracks like ‘Bebés’, ‘Primor’ and ‘Leche Tibia’ which effortlessy highlight the different styles she captures throughout the album.

Check out La Lá and support good music.


Released March 25th, 2017


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