Palm Tree Gallery presents “La Saboteuse”

Shoal of Souls. Artwork for Yazz Ahmed- La SaboteueseSophie Bass is a rapidly emerging Bristol based visual artist, who graduated with a BA in Illustration from Falmouth. Her work strongly embodies her Trinidadian heritage, vociferous feminine strength and portrays her idealised projection of the world. Commenting on western society and its social fabric; viscous line work coalesces with vibrant colours to create strikingly powerful images.

Bass collaborates with auditory artists; melding imagery to music with a number of renowned acts over recent years. She describes sound system culture as part of her subconscious, “It’s a culture built upon the foundations of unity: dub, dancehall, soca, and all the British offshoots such as, jungle, drum and bass, and dubstep. They are what my work celebrates, even if it’s on another subject matter. It’s that spirit and energy that I always have in my heart when I’m creating.”  Most recently collaborating with BritishFBahraini Jazz artist, Yazz Ahmed, for her album La Saboteuse, Bass creates a progressive visual story that mirrors the concepts and style of the music. Sophie has also received commissions by PiqueFnique Recordings, Vivek, & Sweatshop Soundsystem.

Sophie BassBass progressed from an architectural, logical style inspired by the Bauhaus, to a more organic spontaneous form. Her abundant use of pattern, set against scenes of vivid, colourful dreamFlike settings, drenched in symbolism and carefully crafted motifs implores a further analysis. These mythical scenes from an unknown world embodies an aspirational perspective of possibilities, away from the perceptions of western customs and beliefs.


Exhibition Ends: 24th February, 6pm – Free Entry

Palm Tree Gallery 291 Portobello Road W10 5TD




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