Listen to a new track by Los Angeles producer Elusive

ElusiveLos Angeles producer Elusive has returned, surprising fans with the announcement of a two-part EP series Dissonance and Consonance.

The new two-part release follows his recent albums with Alpha Pup Records (Textures, Headspace, Fusion Swing) and Dome of Doom (Cosmic Web, Moments, Sketches).

First up is Dissonance, scheduled for release on April 20th with Alpha Pup Records. Consonance will follow later this year.

The 8-track album pulls together expansive drum breaks with the underpinning of highly blended vocals, technically derived basslines, syncopated percussion, and a montage of synth tones.

It’s described as “soulful, futuristic, expansive, electric, and immersive.” Strings, keys, harp, guitar, and many other elements are added in various stages, giving the EP a “sense of motion that’s constantly evolving.”

Take a listen to album cut ‘Good JuJu’ below.



01. Poly Riddim
02. Modules
03. Good JuJu
04. Full Spectrum
05. Inner Calm
06. Passion Fruit
07. First Inversion
08. Super Nova (feat. Omari Jazz)


Releases April 20th, 2018


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