Reissue from Cree Records: Lancelot Layne – Blow ‘Way

Lancelot Layne - Blow Way

18 track look at the work of Lancelot Layne, the father of Rapso music. In 1971 two songs were released in Trinidad & Tobago that represented utterly new directions in the musical and lyrical expression of Trinidad’s place in the diaspora, Indian on the one hand and African on the other. Nanny & Nana by Sundar Popo and Blow ‘Way by Lancelot Layne was revolutionary and groundbreaking and spawned two distinctly new genres in Trinidad & Tobago music — Chutney music in the case of Sundar Popo and Rapso, in Lance’s case. Highlights include ‘Blow ‘Way’, ‘Afro’Dadian’, ‘Bringing’ Off’, ‘Dat is Horros’ and ‘Kaiso For Mout’ Band’. The pioneering artist passed away 27 years ago, but his legacy lives on, and this album is an excellent look at this talented artist. Essential for fans of Layne.



Released July 6th, 2018



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