Hidden Gem #90: Henry Keen – 70’s Baby


Somehow, we missed the release of ‘70’s Baby’ by Henry Keen which dropped earlier this year, but that’s all good as it’s finally wormed its way into our adoring ears.

The London-based DJ, producer and synth enthusiast cooks up “a collection of uptempo grooves written in various locations around hectic inner London.” The album also references his love for the instrumentation, recording techniques and sounds of the 1970s, the decade of his birth.

The ten tracks that make up the mini album are short and to the point. Loose rhythms and funky percussion that blend jazz, house, broken beat, hip-hop and beyond into pint-size doses of finely crafted grooves.

Every song on here is an absolute blast, and together, they’re the perfect late night soundtrack. Stream the entire project below and grab a copy via Maddjazz Recordings Bandcamp page.

Recommended for fans of Al Dobson Jr, Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Neue Grafik.



A Side
1. 70’s Baby
2. Connectin’
3. Darboukafrique
4. Flow London
5. Gotta Step!

B Side
1. Brotherly Love
2. Two Laws
3. Miriam’s Funk
4. Strange Way To Play
5. Turn of the Season


Released January 7th, 2018


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