Reissue: Harold McKinney – Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative Profile


A highly sought-after deep jazz record by legendary composer, pianist, bandleader Harold McKinney has been given its first ever vinyl reissue, courtesy of Pure Pleasure Records.

Initially released in 1974 on Tribe the legendary Detroit label owned by Phil Ranelin and Harrison. The album called ‘Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative Profile’ was one of only nine records ever published on the cult label, and original copies go for an eye-watering £450.00 on Discogs.

The album features a stellar cast of musicians including Wendell Harrison on flute and Marcus Belgrave on trumpet, Ron Jackson on drums, Ed Pickins on bass to name a few.

Get a little taste by listening to the mindblowing ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’ below.

McKinney said of the track “Freedom Jazz Dance is a piece written by Eddie Harris, and it inspired me to write lyrics that spoke to the spirit of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The late jazz vocalist Eddie Jefferson incorporated my lyrics in his hit recording of the composition in an album done for Columbia Records just before his death.”

Seven deep jams of spiritual funky jazz on this truly special body of work.

An absolute must buy for lovers of spiritual jazz!


Reissued March 18th, 2018




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