Hidden Gem #94: Matthew Hayes & Joel Trigg – Elegant Universe

MANYSHADESOFMUSIC- Matthew Hayes With Joel Trigg

‘Elegant Universe’ a full-length album by Matthew Hayes and Joel Trigg is a must listen for fans of the celestial jazz sound of ECM. Their soft, seductive duets are incredibly inviting, in a way that seems to encompass and enliven the space around you. Unsurprisingly, it’d be sure to add warmth to cold winter commutes, and dull the edge of even the fiercest hangovers.

The wintry “Downtime” is a tour de force of the duo’s sense of restraint and the importance placed on individual sounds that swell together and drift apart with organic ease. On “Light Through Edinburgh Leaves”, the sounds themselves seem so three-dimensional, ringing out like ripples on a lake. It’s hard not to be captivated by such beautifully formed music.


Released July 30th, 2018

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