Reissue: Ümit Aksu Orkestrası – Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni

MANYSHADESOFMUSIC - Ümit Aksu Orkestrası

New London label Zel Zele launches with a reissue of a sought after track by Ümit Aksu Orkestrası – a band formed by Turkish pianist, composer and arranger Ümit Aksu.

Originally released in 1975, Bermuda Şeytan Ücgeni is an outstanding experimentation of forward-thinking jazz-funk played by some of Turkey’s most talented musicians.

Bermuda Şeytan Ücgeni is the musical adaptation of The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. A whirlpool leading into a jazz/funk piece with a playful horn section, funky bass-line and drum breaks, almost sounding like an adventurous Blaxploitation soundtrack. A daring sax solo comes into play by the second minute that sets the ship on fire. Just when you think that must be it, starts the synthesiser havoc; chaos, alarms, whirlwind all goes off as the mystery of the triangle unfolds.

On the flip side, you’ll find ‘Boğaziçi Köprüsü’ a psychedelic ode to Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge.

The label says that it “aims to bring the old and the new, from dustiest of crates to fresh music, with its non-linear sound.”

Enjoy ‘Bermuda Şeytan Ücgeni’ below and look out for more unearthed gems from the new label soon!

Releases October 18th, 2018


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